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It’s strange to believe now, but back in 1925 the concept of a chain retail store was far from common, with only three national chains operating in the U.S.: A&P, Woolworth’s, and United Cigar Stores.  However, as the economy prospered, more and more companies took to the bold concept of opening stores in multiple locations under a central brand and management.

Enter a bright, young man from Arkansas named Arnold D. Friedman, who, recognizing that chain stores were the future of retail in America, had the idea to start a magazine for the growing field.  He approached 11 publishers before finally finding a taker in John Stern, an experienced business publisher who invested in the startup and put his best editor, Godfrey M. Lebhar, into the venture.

And so in June of 1925, Friedman, as president and salesman, together with Lebhar, the chairman and editor, launched Lebhar-Friedman’s first publication, Chain Store Age.

LF was managed and run by Arnold’s son, Roger Friedman, for decades. Roger expanded the business from magazines to newspapers, and launched several new brands, most notable, Nation’s Restaurant News. Roger’s son, Randall helped move the company into the digital world after joining in 2000. Amanda Mosle Friedman joined the Board of Directors around the same time.

For its entire history, LF stayed true to its commitment to serve the retail industry with best-in-class media brands, meaningful content products, and technology across all devices and channels, until it sold most of its assets in Jun 2018.